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Jean Dépannage offers a wide range of services which are intended to meet the constraints of our customers. Thanks to our experience, we have isolated the essentials and offer tailor-made solutions.


Are you down or the victim of an accident? Our fleet of 19 breakdown / towing vehicles is available 24/7 to assist you.
With the help of our partnerships with the major assistances of the sector, our team helped you more than 24,000 times in 2019.
Need our services for your motorcycle, car, utility or motorhome? Do not wait and contact us.


Our vehicles are approved and our repairman trained to operate on expressways such as highways. So if there is a problem, hurry and contact us!


On the highway, the pedestrian's life expectancy is 15 to 20 minutes, wear your yellow vest, go behind the security railing and get away from the car while waiting for the emergency services.


We don't always choose where we break down. It is for this reason that we have in our fleet 4 towing vehicles "4x4" type in order to be able to tow your vehicle if you are in the basement.
Our company is doing great things! So do not panic if the four wheels of your car are blocked or if your electric handbrake no longer works. We have all the equipment for all situations.

All our customers must be able to benefit from the professionalism of Jean Dépannage. All of our services, and this one in particular, have been designed to make your life easier. Need to have your vehicle transported in France or abroad with customer service quality? We provide this service all year round. So don't wait!


It is one of our most popular services. It makes a big difference for many of our customers and we always make sure to offer it at a level of excellence. With this service, we make your life easier! Our vehicle moves to your address and repairs your car directly on site!
Flat tire ? Defective battery? Fuel reversal? Frozen spark plug? A wide range of repairs is possible.

It is sometimes difficult to find a garage offering quick delivery times and affordable prices. At Jean Dépannage, we know this and we therefore offer our customers to provide these services. Our garage is open all year round and welcomes you to carry out repairs on your vehicle.


Contact us for a quote !

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